Curtis Turner Studio

Course Descriptions

Materials and tools provided

Flexible schedule

Intro Hand planes

This three hour hands on class will focus on selection, set up, sharpening and usage of planes. We will cover block, smoothing, jointing, shooting and shoulder planes. We will cover proper planing techniques and material holding methods You will use a variety of vintage and new handplanes. This course is for those new to handplanes or those wanting to get more from their own planes. Call to schedule a private class. $100

Basic Turning Class

This four hour hands on class will introduce you to the basics of woodturning.  Our focus will be on safety while having fun.  You will learn how to secure stock to lathe for both spindle and face grain work.  We will use spindle gouges, spindle roughing gouges, bowl gouges, parting tools, chucks and much more.  You will also be introduced to the basics of sharpening.  All tools and materials are provided. No experience required.  Call to schedule a private class. $125


Learning to sharpen is a important skill to develop in order to achieve superior results.  A sharp tool makes all the difference.  We will cover sharpening plane blades, card scrapers and chisels using water stones and the Tormek system.  We will learn how to improve sharpening jigs and maintain our water stones.  We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of various sharpening systems.  Call to schedule a three hour private class. $100